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October 24, 2018

Visa brings the future of digital commerce to Europe

Consumers continue to be drawn to the speed and convenience of digital commerce. And as this trend continues, it is our job to ensure payments stay seamless, simple and secure…

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October 03, 2018

When your body becomes your password

Making the payment process faster and more convenient for the consumer…

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September 11, 2018

Delivering a secure and seamless customer experience

By this time next year, every online payment in Europe will have to meet new measures designed to enhance security.

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July 11, 2018

How to accept payment from a fridge…

…and other problems you can solve with smart tokens

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December 20, 2017

Just one second: What happens when we pay?

VisaNet, one of the world's most secure and reliable networks, processes 160 billion transactions a year. Here, follow a single transaction as it travels the world in less than a second.

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July 25, 2017

Global transaction processing expanded

Our technology is what allows us to deliver on our brand promise – being the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone, everywhere – and we take that responsibility seriously.

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January 23, 2017

Like hackers, we must innovate to fight cybercrime

As stakeholders in the future of the global economy, business leaders, government officials and citizens are asking if this digital revolution requires new regulatory approaches to identity and security.

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January 04, 2017

The digital economy demands a new approach to fraud management

To capitalise on new sales opportunities and meet customer expectations, almost every business today is building out its digital channels.

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November 22, 2016

Europe’s online shoppers faced with inconvenience and disruption

A set of new European proposals threatens to seriously disrupt the way we all shop online today.

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November 09, 2016

Building bridges in the fight against (online) fraud

Security is one of the fundamental values that underpin the Visa brand and the card business of every Visa client.

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October 21, 2016

Ecommerce authentication gets a major makeover

New industry specification sets the stage for smarter products and services

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August 15, 2016

Security & Convenience in payments: Can consumers have it all?

Convenience and security for consumers and for businesses. That’s the key to sustaining the growth of online payments in a digital single market. Every payment transaction should be secure, but must also be balanced with the need for convenience.

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