Why we donated to the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal

By Nick Jones, Former Head of Digital Comms and CSR • Visa Europe

September 17, 2015

I am sure you are all very aware of the refugee crisis across Europe. Many of us have felt a strong emotional response to this, and we all want ‘something to be done’. However in the heat of the crisis it’s not always clear what practically can be done.

Save The Children have led by example with the direct immediate action they are taking to save and improve the lives of child refugees, working along the whole route from Syria to our cities here in Europe.

It is clear that our continent is facing the biggest refugee and migrant crisis since the aftermath of the Second World War, and the unprecedented scale of this crisis requires an exceptional response.

This is why Visa Europe has decided to donate £1million to Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.

This donation will enable Save the Children to mobilise quickly. They can focus resource and scale-up their response where it is most needed. Their workers are in the war-torn countries refugees flee from. They’re in the countries en-route, like Turkey, Egypt and Italy, Serbia, Greece and Germany. They work to ensure that children are protected wherever possible.

They make sure that these children have access to care and support and understand their rights.

This donation is over and above our existing fundraising activities for Save the Children – whom we are proud to continue to support.

So, we hope other businesses will also respond to the appeal. Find out more about how business can respond to the crisis by visiting Save the Children.

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