What does financial education mean for your company?

By Nick Jones, Former Head of Digital Comms and CSR • Visa Europe

March 23, 2016

The world is changing. Young people face immense pressures. Our countries are going through radical change. Governments try to make sure our economies grow again. And, business also faces similar transformation. All have interests in growing the skills of young people to spur jobs, growth and innovation.

Financial literacy is a particularly special skill. It cuts across so many aspects of society and the economy. It is a must for individuals as they manage their own careers, livelihoods and families.

That’s why business needs to understand the impact of financial education. What does business really need from the entrepreneur experiences it sponsors? Do money management courses work? Can a company volunteer benefit the business as well as the classroom?

Visa has launched a survey to collect business perspectives on this. It’s part of a study that explores:

  • The needs and wants for financial skills and competences
  • The link between enterprise, entrepreneurship and financial literacy
  • The impact of employee volunteering in financial education
  • The role business plays in financial education
  • The role of NGOs, charities and others.

Our aim: to see how financial education can be fit for the 21st Century.

High-level executives from the business community across Europe are invited to contribute and pinpoint key financial capability requirements of their future employees.

Visa is partnering with JA Europe for the study. It is Europe’s largest provider of education programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy.

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