Visa Futures: Our flagship client event

By Nick Jones, Former Head of Digital Comms and CSR • Visa Europe

July 14, 2016

Visa Futures is our flagship European client event, where we bring together key influencers from the finance, retail and technology industry to share our vision and strategy, as well as to discuss key industry trends. Just one week after we reunited as one global company, we focused on the realities and role of payments in the globally networked economy which is more open, more digital – and much more about consumer led change. The whole event focused on the challenges and changes of today’s connected, confident and curious consumer.

Visa global leaders and industry experts explored what today’s consumer demands from the ‘Shopping’ experience (and how the world’s biggest brands are adapting). How – as we move from an analogue to a digital world, technology (and so the Visa network) becomes more open as we become more Networked. And at the same time, in this world of increased complexity, how do we ensure the payment experience continues to be Secure?

Our event explored the market realities of Consumer, Shopping, Networked and Secure Futures both through thought leadership and practical Visa and partner solutions. This year we had a fantastic lineup of speakers which included Amazon, Google, Facebook , Airbnb, Marriott, Financial Times, SatoshiPay and Safran Identity and Security.

The Futures ‘Marketplace’ was where clients could meet with their peers and experience new technology from around the globe. Some of the technologies highlighted in the Marketplace included biometric payment authentication, connected home enablement, and even robotic hotel check-in.

With over 10 different partners in the Marketplace including Google, McDonalds, GoInStore, Threatmetrix, Blockchain, Verified by Visa 2 (VbV2),Tokenisation and Visa Checkout the atmosphere was fueled with energy and excitement.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting some of the key areas we discussed through session summaries and thought leadership pieces to broaden the thinking behind these four themes so stay tuned.

To give you an insight into what we discussed below is a synopsis of the plenary sessions. Where available, please click on the speaker name to download their presentation.

Consumer Futures

Speakers during this session

The session focused on the big emerging trends in consumer behavior, what it meant for the way people consume and transact in the future – and the implications for payments. One of the key topics discussed was consumer-led change and how it’s impacting our industry. A prime example of a company who has fueled itself on this consumer-led change is Airbnb, who are now the world’s leading accommodation provider.

Shopping Futures

Speakers in this session included:

Creating the right consumer experience and how payments can help differentiate in-store and online payments are some of the emerging retail trends discussed in this session. Discussions included various parts of the retail spectrum from Amazon the leader in online retail to Marriott one of the leading providers in the hospitality industry.

Networked Futures

The speed of technological development and change is rapidly accelerating, open networks are seen as one of the solutions that can help companies keep up with this pace of change. Google is a living embodiment of the open, networked, API based model, why do they chose to be open and the importance of it is discussed. Visa is also moving towards a more opened based model and we find out what the strategy is for this. Speakers in this session included:

  • Spencer Spinnell, Director, Emerging Platforms, Google
  • Rajat Taneja, Executive Vice President, Technology, Visa Inc.

Secure Futures

In an increasingly open world maintaining security and securing data is paramount. Tokenisation and new forms of evolving authentication are two ways of keeping data safe. With the speed of change traditional methods of securing data are being evaluated. Solutions such as Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency technology are another example of how data can be secured through anonymous transactions. Speakers in this session included:

In addition to these sessions we had a couple of unique sessions from Charlie Scharf (Visa CEO),Ryan McInerney (Visa President), Nicola Mendelsohn (Vice President, Facebook EMEA) and Jancis Robinson (OBE, Master of Wine and Financial Times Columnist). We’ll be sharing more information on these sessions soon so keep a look out for them.

If you’d like to know more about the Marketplace please read the Visa Futures Marketplace blog, by Jackie Wilcox (Head of Marketing Comms, Southern Europe).

*Please note not all presentations have been made available due to confidentiality.

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