Visa Futures 2017: Coming together, looking ahead

By Mark Antipof, Chief Officer • Client Relationship Management

October 03, 2017

It has been almost 15 months since our last large European client conference. Last year in Cannes, the event focused on the meaning of One Visa, having just closed the acquisition. During the event, 500 clients and partners heard us extol the benefits of being one global company with a promise of many things to come and a different way of working, but it was only a promise.

Fast forward to September and this year’s Visa Futures event in Barcelona where attendees saw what One Visa really means, with tangible examples discussed in the Plenary sessions and shown in the Futures Marketplace, a networking and demonstration area showcasing solutions and themed journeys. It brought all the power of the Visa Brand in demos, proof of concepts and real live examples. Truly the best I have ever seen anywhere and I have been to a few client events in my 13 years with Visa.

The event was run over a day and a half and was attended by just over 600 European clients and partners, including Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants and the atmosphere was electric, in fact super charged. The level of expectation was quite high as many clients and partners were excited to learn more about the new developments rolling out over the coming months. The simple message was “Our industry is going through some major changes and Visa is here to help you navigate a rapidly evolving landscape.”

This is a great place to be with our clients but with it comes greater responsibility for all of us and I for one will not let our clients down. I cannot finish this blog without mentioning the support and commitment we had from our global executives and it is not just a personal statement, it is what our clients told me. Al Kelly, Ryan McInerney, Jim McCarthy, Rajat Taneja, Lynne Biggar and Bill Sheedy each gave tremendous presentations about how we are working with our partners to create a better experience for their customers. We were excited to also include Jack Forestell who talked about improving the consumer retail experience, as well as Wayne Best who outlined his view of global economics in the coming months.

This tremendous show of commitment to Europe gives me great confidence in realising our full potential and delighting our clients in this very exciting and stimulating industry we all work in.

Bring on FY18.

Event highlights

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting some of the key areas we discussed at Visa Futures 2017 in both the Plenary and Marketplace. Look out for these posts on Visa Vision.

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