Tokens, Bots & Ecommerce

By Hendrik Kleinsmiede, Director of Innovation • Visa Europe

April 29, 2016

This week, the team at Visa Europe Collab have been talking mostly about tokenisation and bots.

Hendrik Kleinsmiede considers how seriously we should be taking bots. Are they the new frontier for eCommerce? For many users, the app is still their interface to the digital world, but younger users the Messenger platform has opened up as their interface to the digital world. Read how Hendrik uncovers what role Messenger platforms play for business, and how they’ll evolve to incorporate commerce on VisaEuropeCollab.com.

Tokens, Bots & Ecommerce

Tokenisation is widely regarded as the most important innovation of the past few years in payments. It’s the mechanism that has powered the ‘pays’, allowing both Near Field Communication (NFC) tap-and-pay and in-app payments. Both of these instances use a token secured securely on the phone. Tokenisation doesn’t have to be just about phones, though. In this article on VisaEuropeCollab.com Hendrik explores how tokenisation can be applied as a payment mechanism within the Internet of Things (IoT).

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