Showing our working

By David Morris, Former Director, Product Delivery • Visa

October 25, 2013

Anyone who studied maths at school remembers being told to “show your working”. The idea was that even if your final answer wasn’t perfect, how you got there would gain you marks.

And that’s precisely what last week’s UX Hackathon was all about.

Monitise provided the space, and we both filled it with talent – Our best developers, designers, and engineers, and a simple brief: To “make personal payments more awesome”. And with that came a certain level of expectation. Not that we’d have the perfect payments solution by 5pm that day, but that we’d see our teams trying new and innovative ways of working. And if we did end up with the perfect personal payments proposition, well…there’d be no complaints.

Rather than go into details about how exciting the event was (very),how creative the approaches were (brilliantly),and how hard the teams worked (incredibly),I’ll leave it to the guys themselves to give you a real flavour of the day:

We’ve also pulled together this Storify of our live tweets and some other video content, which I think paint a vivid picture of how this new way of working captured the imagination and enthusiasm of everyone involved. Over the coming weeks we will prototype the winning ideas and keep you posted on their journey – perhaps all the way to live proving

The challenge now is to take the energy created at these events, and power up all our day-to-day activities, pulling it all together to help us deliver the best digital payments experiences available. Thanks again to everyone who took part in our UX Hackathon. We’re already working on the next one.

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