Blockchain, Media and Capitalism

By Hendrik Kleinsmiede, Director of Innovation • Visa Europe

April 22, 2016

The team from Visa Europe Collab are always listening and learning about the latest emerging technology and trends in the industry. Check out the latest highlights from their blog below, and subscribe to receive more updates and the latest news from the Collab team. First up are two events on Blockchain at SXSW, followed by a key theme from Money2020 in Copenhagen – the co-operations between alternative finance players and established banks. 2016 is all about collaboration and cooperation.

Blockchain, Media and Capitalism - Killer App Blockchain’s Killer App: Could Blockchain technology really be as transformative as HTTP (Hyper-text Transfer Protocol)? The truth is simple: it’s too early to tell. But, the signs are good, and it warrants the attention the topic is receiving to date. Our consensus was that the “killer app” – the use case to end all others – would be the so-called smart contract. Find out about smart contracts and Hendrik’s experience from SXSW over on VisaEuropeCollab.com.

Blockchain, Media and Capitalism - Multiple Media Multiple Media: Plato was the first to discriminate between competing media, while it was the invention of the printing press in the 15th century that heralded the age of the written word in the western world. Where once the spoken word was enough, the printing press meant things were no longer binding unless they were written down. The primacy of writing is receding in the face of a fuller range of complementary semiotic systems. Read more on why Hendrik heralds the multimedia age again at VisaEuropeCollab.com.

Blockchain, Media and Capitalism - Capitalism 2.0 Capitalism 2.0: Financial services is undergoing a huge wave of change. In this article, Hendrik looks at the ten biggest trends shaking up the sector. From Financial inclusion, through the rise of Blockchain technologies to the emergence of challenger banks such as Mondo, Atom and Starling, we’ve got them all covered. Read his view at VisaEuropeCollab.com.

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