Augmented Reality payments with House of Holland

By Ranjiva Prasad, Innovation Partner • Visa

August 08, 2016

The world’s first augmented reality payment technology was revealed in June by Visa Europe Collab as part of House of Holland’s Men’s event.

It demonstrates the ability to purchase items by simply pointing your smartphone’s camera at them. The consumer no longer needs to go online or in-store; they can purchase an item in a shop window even when the shop is closed.

What does this mean for consumers?

This intelligent integration of online and offline shopping experiences has created a brand new consumer retail journey, where the whole world becomes a shop, and shopping is always available!

The proof of concept tested the technology in a live retail environment, with a view to making the technology available to other retailers on a wider scale later this year.

An amazing technological development

Henry Holland has said that he really feels this project is the future of retail: “Being able to scan garments through Blippar and purchase them pretty much off the back [of the catwalk models] is an amazing technological development.”

This relationship has developed over the past year, from our first engagement with Henry Holland back in September 2015, where we worked with him for his September runway show.

Transforming the retail journey

This is yet another great example of how Augmented Reality can transform the retail journey. Watch our case study video for more information:

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