Acceptance Everywhere

By Kevin Jenkins, Managing Director UK & Ireland • Visa

November 06, 2015

We are delighted to be the headline sponsor of the last Stonewall Awards. With it, we celebrate a decade of achievements and advancements shared by LGBT people everywhere. It’s vital for the long-term success of our business that our workforce is as diverse as the people celebrating with us, the consumers who enjoy our products, and the communities in which we operate.

Diversity helps to ensure that we understand and can deliver on what our consumers want. Diversity encourages the sharing of richer, broader ideas that can lead to breakthrough innovations. Diversity is what pushes business everywhere forward into different and better places.

For diversity to have these benefits, of course, everyone that works at Visa Europe has to feel valued, included and appreciated for who they are. We want our employees to bring their authentic “whole selves” to work so we and our business can be as successful as possible.

To achieve this we need our employees to hear, know and feel that our commitment is real. We also expect our people managers to value diversity and to act in an inclusive manner. In this, Stonewall’s help and experience is invaluable and so we are proud to partner with them for the final Stonewall Awards.

To all those nominated, the winners and everyone who has helped to positively shape our community over the last ten years, on behalf of Visa Europe, I offer my congratulations and our heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve done, and will continue to do.

Acceptance Everywhere

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