40 trekkers tackle Mont Blanc tour

By Nick Jones, Former Head of Digital Comms and CSR • Visa Europe

October 10, 2016

Over 40 Visa employees recently returned from trekking around Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s tallest peak.

The team trekked to raise money for Save The Children, Visa’s European charity partner. Together, with a corporate contribution, they have raised over £70,000 from over a 1,000 individual donations.

The trekkers set off almost one year to the day since Save the Children launched its Child Refugee Crisis appeal, a poignant reminder of why we have continued our ongoing support for Save the Children.

Activities like the trek and strategic skills sharing to support fundraising innovation enable the charity to help and protect children affected by this crisis and across the world.

In response to Visa’s support, Save the Children has provided a moving annual report on Visa’s £1 million donation for the child refugee crisis.

‘It’s been a year since we launched our appeal to support child refugees, and the response from the general public and partners like Visa was phenomenal. We exceeded our initial £1 million target in just three days – thanks to an unprecedented £1 million donation from Visa, ‘ said Natasha Parker, Deputy Director of Partnerships for Save the Children.

‘Your generosity has meant that we’ve been able to reach hundreds of thousands of children along the whole route that refugees take. In the countries children are fleeing – countries like Syria, where brutal war has ripped apart the lives of millions. In ‘transit countries’ – countries like Turkey, Serbia and Greece – ensuring that children are protected wherever possible. And in ‘destination countries’ like Italy, Finland and Germany – to ensure that children understand their rights and have access to care and support.’

Donations to Save the Children can be made here.

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