Piet Lakeman

Senior Policy Lead, Europe, Visa

Piet Lakeman is a Senior Policy Lead for Europe within the Fraud Strategy & Criminal Disruption team. In his role he controls all types of crime in the Visa payment system through the development of internal and external crime prevention strategies to providing training and presentations to law enforcement and clients. He has successfully supported and coordinated complex international and multi jurisdiction investigations, initiated online fraud prevention and disruption activities and built an extensive network within the public and private environments to ensure he disrupts criminal activities within the Visa payment system so it continues to be a safe and efficient payment solution for its customers.

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Author's Latest Articles

November 09, 2016

Building bridges in the fight against (online) fraud

Security is one of the fundamental values that underpin the Visa brand and the card business of every Visa client.

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June 23, 2016

Going global in the fight against fraud

The first European Airline Day of Action took place in June 2013. Since then 500 arrests have been made. All linked to fraudulently purchased airline tickets. And, all thanks to the cooperation between Visa, our clients and law enforcement agencies.

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April 25, 2016

Changing Fraud Landscape Leads to New Partners

Visa Europe has always had a strong relationship with traditional law enforcement agencies. Today, we are now exploring broader ways to engage with not only other public authorities but also with the private sector. All with the aim of helping everyone become more effective when dealing with criminals targeting Visa products.

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