Philip Konopik

Country Manager, Ireland, Visa

Philip Konopik was appointed Ireland Country Manager for Visa in February 2016.

Prior to joining Visa he was part of the leadership team at the London-based growth and innovation consultancy Market Gravity. Over five years, he helped grow the business from a team of 10 to over 70 employees across London, Scotland and New York, and in the process working with leading challenger and high-street banks, as well as the payment industry across the UK and Ireland. He also led Market Gravity's expansion into the Irish market.

Philip was also a Senior Consultant at Capgemini Consulting in the Digital Transformation team in the UK. He previously worked with Capgemini in the Marketing Sales and Service team in Sweden, where he led both digital transformation and commercial analysis work with major private and public sector clients in local markets.

Author's Latest Articles

May 16, 2018

Visa Direct lands at Dublin Tech Summit

The tagline for this year’s Dublin Tech Summit was ‘Where today’s leaders meet tomorrow’s technology’, giving us a great platform to launch Visa Direct, our innovative real-time payments platform, in Ireland.

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November 08, 2017

Taking the future of payments to Ireland’s small businesses

Irish small businesses are at a crossroads as consumers increasingly choose digital payment methods over cash…

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June 07, 2017

The Future of Payments in Ireland

The payments system in Ireland, much like the rest of Europe, is rapidly evolving as Irish consumers embrace instant, convenient ways to pay.

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