Mark Antipof

Chief Commercial Officer, Europe

Mark is responsible for leading our client facing teams in all European markets, with a team present in 23 countries. Mark’s team work closely with our clients on a day-to-day basis. Prior to this, Mark was Chief Officer, Sales and Marketing, responsible for delivering Visa’s business plans, strategies, country operations and advertising across 36 markets. His role is to extend Visa's European HQ support to the local offices and to customers, to maintain leadership across all countries and to support our Financial Institution clients as we transform the European business. Mark is a senior executive with a strong history of relationship management and business development across a wide range of services and IT products in the payment industry. He has worked both in the US and in Europe.

Prior to joining Visa, Mark was a Business Unit Director for Burgundy Global Ltd, a services and IT solutions company for the travel industry. Here he had the responsibility of developing and managing large intermediary sales channels, maintaining and growing global sales to multinational corporates and the creation of the main network concept and initial sales plans for the overall business.

Mark has been based in a number of different markets, including Italy, where he worked for Applied Communications, a leader in payment card services, EFT and banking systems and software; and in France, where he worked for Equifax Europe, a leader in consumer and commercial credit reporting and data analytics.

He is fluent in five languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

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