Jonathan Vaux

Executive Director of Innovation Partnerships, Visa

Jonathan Vaux is the Executive Director of Innovation Partnerships at Visa in Europe. His role involves working with internal teams and external organisations to identify key technology trends. He identifies opportunities to incorporate these new technologies into the Visa ecosystem to improve the services we offer our members, merchants and cardholders.

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December 13, 2017

The Future of Authentication

At a time when technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, online and digital merchants are focused on removing transactional friction to improve the customer experience…

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November 01, 2016

How millennials are leading the charge on digital payment adoption

Millennials are, and will continue be to, the early adopters of new payment technology. Our data confirms that they are indeed embracing new payment technology; and that they have influence over other age groups. This influence will help spread adoption of mobile payments among other generations - particularly their parents, the Baby Boomers.

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September 21, 2016

What are the barriers to biometric banking in Europe?

A recent Visa survey clearly demonstrated how critical a role banks could potentially play in helping the roll out of biometrics. While there have been many public announcements of the adoption of biometrics for account access, there still seems a long way to go. So what needs to happen?

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August 03, 2016

Securing the future

Historically, payments existed in a tightly controlled ecosystem – issuers were often also acquirers, the production of the plastic and the devices were managed through a strictly monitored programme. Looking back, it feels like it was a relatively contained environment.

That environment will not exist in the new economy – instead, we will have huge numbers of players with contributory roles, all interacting with each other.

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