David Michael

CEO, Streeva Ltd

David Michael is a co-founder and CEO of Streeva Ltd. His role includes technical and strategic leadership. David is a keen problem solver, his ability to thoroughly understand an ecosystem and its challenges, architecting solutions that best solve the underlying issues and ability to take this to market. David and his colleagues are driven to help economies thrive by using certified data linked to payments to drive automated systems. David moved from Cornwall to Guildford to attend the University of Surrey in the ’90s where he now lives with his wife Kate and two boys. WARNING: David tangents easily, don’t suggest a new problem without preparing yourself of a little offroad thinking.

Author's Latest Articles

January 04, 2019

The future of donating: The role of payments in optimising the impact of giving

Half of all commercial transactions are now paid for contactlessly. Great for consumers and merchants – but what about the other payments that may be left behind?

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