Charlotte Desbons

Director of Marketing & Communications Director, Visa France

Charlotte Desbons is Visa’s Marketing and Communication Director for the France cluster. In 2012, she initiated a cycle of conferences on the major innovation trends that will impact the banking and financial sectors. The previous sessions addressed the themes of big data, young people’s payment culture, the stakes of authentication/identification, the sharing economy and social commerce, with contributions from experts on these topics.

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Author's Latest Articles

June 02, 2016

Blockchain Technology: How the French ecosystem is taking shape

Blockchain is the talk of the town. At Visa Europe, we’re watching this technology progress very closely.

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January 12, 2016

How should retailers embrace social commerce?

How does social media impact the retail landscape today, and how will this affect social commerce in the future? In November, Visa Europe France invited a panel of business experts and thought leaders to the Crédit Agricole incubator to help answer this question.

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