Cătălin Creţu

General Manager: Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia, Visa

With a solid background in the banking and electronic payments industry, Catalin Cretu has a strong general management and operational expertise in the financial services across many geographies. After finishing his academic studies at reputed universities from U.S. and Europe and working for HSBC Bank USA in New York, Catalin Cretu returned to Romania in 2004 to run the local office of Visa.

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March 15, 2016

The future of payments in Romania

20 years ago it would have been hard to imagine, if not unthinkable, that it would take just a few clicks from the comfort of one’s armchair to order and pay for a product, instead of going to the store, carrying a wad of banknotes. Or to video conference online with a friend in Sydney, another one in London and a third one in Ploiesti, all at the same time. Payments in Romania are evolving faster than anybody could have aver thought.

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